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 Tai Chi is a holistic approach to wellness in which you are encouraged to go slow, or slower, or as slowly as you can. 
In part, the slowness of Tai Chi movements forces you to get in touch your body, listen to your body, 
attune to your mind, and integrate them both until you are one. Tai Chi classes in University Park

For All Ages


  Tai Chi can be practiced by anyone. 

Since the movements are slow the practice is often more likeable to mature/older individuals. 

The Benefits of Tai Chi 

are endless from aerobic to rehabilitation.

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We meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm-7pm at

 Longwood Park - 

6050 Longwood Blvd

 Sarasota, FL 

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"Coach Rich truly cares about every class member and gives each person personal attention."


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University Tai Chi

Longwood Park - 6050 Longwood Blvd, Sarasota, FL Sarasota, FL 34243, US

(941) 350-7282

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Every Tuesdays: 6pm - 7pm

Every Thursday: 6am - 7pm